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AcroBee And BeeBrain Updated FAQ!

We have gathered up some of the most common questions we get about our kits and our BeeBrain and have answered them all in this handy FAQ!

What is the difference between the kits? - We sell 3 versions of the kit:

  1. The AcroBee Lite - a budget version of the kit with cloverleaf camera, SILVER motors, and 210 battery
  2. The AcroBee Kit - the standard kit with the StingerPod camera, BLACK motors, and 250 battery. This is the kit that Mr. Steele got.
  3. The AcroBee SuperWhoop kit - comes with the ISDT portable charger and our new 1300 Lipo battery

Which one is Mr. Steele's kit!?
The AcroBee Kit with the BLACK motors. He also got a separate set of GOLD motors and upgraded his quad to those.

When will the kits be available?
We stock them as soon as we can, please check the top of the product page for updates

Do you ship internationally?
Yes but we do not send Lipos via DHL Express. So if you place an order and use DHL Express as the carrier, please know that we will remove the lipos from your order, issue you a refund, and then send the rest of your order out. 

Can I use the EU version of the Taranis with the FrSky kit?
Yes you can, flash your Taranis without the EU flag set in OpenTx companion. D8 will then be available to you.

What does NOT come in the kit?
We do not include the controller, any FPV goggles, or any lipo USB chargers with our kits

Can I customize the kits? Get different motors or different camera?
Sorry but no You can buy all the parts separately on the site though, except for the props and frame, which you can pick up from our partner

What Goggles do I use?
The list is long but any 5.8 gh FPV goggles will work. Fatsharks, Headplays, Eachine, you name it.

What radios can I use?
Officially the BeeBrain supports the Taranis FrSky and the Spectrum Dx9, DX7, DX6i

 What about other Spectrum radios (DX6, DX6e, DXE)
Those will work too but you need to adjust the throttle trims on them so that the throttle slider in Betaflight Receiver Tab is at or below 1000 for the min value. Please see these videos for more help

What about the Turnigy 9XR style with one of the modules (DJT, XJT)
You can make it work, but you will need to figure out the configuration. On the XJT module change the dip switch settings to switch 1 - “on” and switch 2 - “off” (This sets the module to be compatible with the FrSky V and D series receivers, and allows you to go into D8 mode.

What about the TBS Tango?
The Tango does work with the XJT module.

What about , Turnigy Evolution, FLySky?
Sorry, no support for Evolution and FlySky this time around.

Why can't I arm my quad?
Betaflight will not arm your quad if it is not level, and if the min throttle in the Receiver Tab is greater than 1005. Please make required adjustments to correct for this.

Why won't the motors start?
Spin the motors up by plugging in a battery and going to the Motors tab in Betaflight, checking the box, and raising the sliders. If the motors spin then they work, and you must have an arming issue. Please see above.

I tried flashing it to the latest Betaflight but it failed, I get the "Bootloader failed" message?
Please see this detailed blog about how to recover from this situation

What motors do you recommend?
We higly recommend using only 6mm motors.

What about larger motors such as 7mm and 8mm?
We DO NOT recommend these motors as the FETs on the BeeBrain are not rated for them. FLY at your own risk!

Which direction do your BDR motors spin?
The Red and Blue wired one spin CW, and the black and white wired ones spin CCW

What props should I use?
Our kits come with props, but if you would like to try other variations please check our partner We currently do not sell the props by themselves on the site

Do you sell just the frame?
Sorry not at this time, please check our partner

What is the difference between High Voltage and regular batteries?
The HV batteries can be charged to 4.35 volts max, and there for output more power and spin the motors at a higher KV. You will need a charger that can charge batteries past the standard 4.2V to 4.35V. Our ISDT chargers featured on our site are capable of this

What do the number 210 and 250 mean on the batteries?
That is the mAh rating and represents the capacity of the quad.

I don't know how to solder, can you build the kit for me?
Yes we can, as part of our Quad Services business line. Please reach out to us for a quote.

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  • Jugan Louis on

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    When will you get the acrobee kit back in stock ? I would like to reserve one if possible.

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    Louis Jugan.

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