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How to Recover the Bootloader On The BeeBrain

How to Recover the Bootloader On The BeeBrain

This sometimes occurs when the incorrect drivers are installed, or when flashing the board fails for some other reason. You will get the following error when trying to Flash the BeeBrain:

In order to recover the bootloader, you will need to short the two bootloader pins on the board while powering it up. That will put the board in Bootloader mode and you can then flash the BeeBrain Betaflight firmware onto it.


To Enable Bootloader Mode - first locate the two solder pad with red circle mark:

OPTION 1 - Using Metal Tweezers

We find this the easiest way of doing this. Plug in the USB into the board, but not your computer. Then touch both pads with the tips of a pair of metal tweezers.

Then, while holding the tweezers in place, insert the USB into the computer port, giving power to the board, and enabling Bootloader mode.

Once the board is powered up you can now remove the tweezers. Now just flash as per the flashing instructions below.

OPTION 2 - Soldering

If you do not have metal tweezers or are having trouble with the above method, then you can always solder the two pads together with a spare wire. 

Tin the pads with a tiny bit of solder.

Take a spare wire, and strip the edges to reveal the metal wire and solder both wire ends to each of the bootloader pads. Result should look like this:

Plug in both the Lipo battery and the USB cable on your BeeBrain.


Go to the Betaflight GUI, click Firmware Flasher

  • Chose BEEBRAIN and pick 3.0.1-BEEBRAIN-18-10-2016
  • Turn ON “No reboot sequence”
  • Turn OFF “Full chip erase” 
  • Manual baud rate ON, set to 256000
  • "Flash on connect" and show unstable releases turned off



After the bar shows Programming: SUCCESSFUL. If you soldered a wire on the pads as per Option 2, you can now remove the wire.

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