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What is FPV to you?

FPV or First Person View is a lot of things. It really just depends on each individual or pilot. For me personally, it has become a way of life and I have found a way to integrate it into my everyday routine whether or not I actually get a chance to fly. For me, it’s freedom.

FPV allows me to take a break from the monotony of everyday life. A break from reality if you would. It’s just a whole different world when I strap my goggles on and take off on an adventure in sky. I get to see the world in a different perspective that most others don’t, flying like the birds do and looking down to the earth as I am cruising overhead. Granted each flight doesn’t last but a few minutes, but it’s amazing what I can do in just those precious few moments in flight.

So why do I fly FPV? Why don’t I just fly good ol’ line of sight? I find that flying first person view gives me a rush that I really cannot find anywhere else as well as putting me into the pilot's’ seat without physically leaving the ground. The feel of flying through the air at 70+ mph and just a few feet off the ground in most cases is second to none. I like all styles of FPV, but my passion is racing mini quads.

Racing has taken me places that I more than likely wouldn’t have gone if I weren’t racing. It has allowed me to travel and meet new people. The rush you get when you show up to a new race venue and see the track for the first time. Seeing old racing buddies and meeting new ones, or meeting one of your online buddies in person for the first time. The anticipation of flowing around the track on that first pack, getting the lay of the land, picking your best lines and trying to make the fastest laps in the amount of time allowed.  It gets my adrenaline pumping when my heat is up and we are called to the start line. Sometimes my hands shake so bad from the excitement, I wonder how I even make it around the track at all, sometimes I don’t!  Each new race is a new adventure I get to go on.

Racing isn’t the only part of FPV I participate in, although it is bulk of what I do when I fly. If I need to escape from the pressures of the racing scene, I like to find a nice quiet spot a local park or any open area really that is away from people or crowds. It is during these quiet times that I can concentrate on perfecting my rolls, flips or powerloops. Maybe it’s finding what we refer to as “flow”, where you find those good flowing freestyle lines and seamlessly linking all your tricks together to get that awesome footage for your next video. Whatever it may be, it is a good time for reflection about really anything and everything.

There are many other reasons why I fly FPV too. I have made many friends over the last couple of years that I’ve been flying. The FPV community is a very tight knit group of people spanning the globe. Almost anywhere you go these  These are the types of friendships that you know will last a lifetime as there is a strong bond between fellow pilots. You know that you at any given moment, you can give someone a ring and say,  “Hey, let’s go rip some packs!”, even if it’s just for an hour or two. You know that you can count on your fellow pilots to help you out in a pinch too. I can’t remember how many times I have crashed and broken something on my quad and several people will step up and offer me a replacement part if they have it.

FPV for me is everything, it is all encompassing. What about you? What does “FPV” mean to you?

 - Kyle SDsurfnsand

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  • Victor Guimaraes on

    I’ve been in the Drone Industry for a year and 2 months now working as Graphic Designer, when I first started working with Drones I was already a nerdy kid in a video game store. When I actually got to fly one for the first time I couldn’t put the thing down (until the battery went low haha), it also gave me a chance to bond with my co-worker as we fly our drones on our lunch break. I’ve delt with mostly DJI Drones and then I saw FPV Racers and that was a whole new world. I have yet to build my very first FPV Racer for a couple reasons, 1. Time (just had twins come alone), 2. Money, and 3. the know how. A while ago I joined the Orange Country Flyers Group on Facebook and I love seeing footage and tech talk about drones. To me FPV is a new way to see the world through the camera of the drone, a chance to be able to bond, laugh, learn, crash, rebuild, and compete among your peers. Who knew such a hobby would bring so many people of different backgrounds together? I hope to get into FPV Racing scene soon and meet new people and build more relationships.

  • andy cooper on

    For me it is a lot of things, an escape, a hobby, an excuse to explore. So many things, all of which bring great happiness. It has such a great community compared to other endeavors, alays a joy to fly and meet drone pilots!

  • Ken Jancef on

    I, for me, would say the same… it’s all about freedom… freedom from the boundaries of LOS flight… freedom to sit in the pilot’s seat of a vehicle 1/10th the size of us… freedom to experience the rush of racing through obstacles at high speed… If you’re into racing a drone, the ONLY way to TRULY experience it is by FPV. Even though I’ve built 5 racing quads I am still learning to fly, and I can’t see a better way to learn than FPV. I make sure ALL of the quads I build have FPV, from my 2 Tiny Whoops all the way up to my custom-built F450. I am even getting my 9 year old son involved via FPV. The goggles I have are a little big for his head, but he doesn’t care… he’s getting the experience of a lifetime, and he doesn’t even realize how good of a pilot he is becoming.

    Just one word… FREEDOM

  • ROY OLSEN on

    Fpv is when you exit your comfort zone, having a feeling that you are falling from 75 meters in a dive, and scaring yourself over how low it was before you pulled up, how fast you made the track, or how relaxing the freestyle chill is, the community, and the time you spend on building, configing, testing and crashing

  • Harley Finberg on

    I can start off by saying that I haven’t been into the FPV hobby for too long, don’t have the most knowledge, not the best at flying, certainly not the best at soldering, and still learning my own techniques. However, I have come to realize what FPV truly means within the last couple of months. FPV is not about just the flying, nor the building, but truly about the community. With the technology that all of us use on a daily basis, it transforms our little sport into a full sized community that can be reached all across the globe. Whether its exchanging tips, tune settings, build specs, or even just BSing with each other; we all help each other out. I know that each of us wouldn’t be where we are, without each others help, advice, or even just sometimes a place to vent when it feels like the quad gods are against you. Within the last 3 weeks I personally have been unable to fly very much due to hardware issues, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting some other locals into the hobby.

    All in all, FPV to me is about our community. That is what divides us from the rest, we are one and we are here to help each other out.

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