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    GAONENG 300mAh 3.8VHV 1S FPV TinyWhoop FPV 30C - High Voltage Lithium Polymer Pack

    Key Pack Features
    • New HV High Voltage Technology
    • 30C continuous discharge, bursts up to 60C!
    • Extra-low internal impedance.
    Pack information:

    Capacity: 300mAh
    Voltage: 3.8v
    Configuration: 11P / 3.8v / 1 Cell
    Continuous Discharge Rate: 30C (30 Amps)
    Burst Discharge Rate: 60C (60 Amps)
    Size: 60mm x 11mm x 6mm
    Weight: 7.5g
    Connector PH2.0
    Battery Wire Size: N/A
    Charge Rate: 2C

    GNB Lipo Battery Pack 300mah 1s

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Good battery.

    So far 2 happymodel brand batteries have died, while these seem good still after a dozen recharges.


    Great batteries! always 1 or 2 that don't work, but they last a long time when they do!

    Not great

    I purchased these with a new Hummingbird F4 Pro because NBD was out of the nectar 300. Flight time is maybe 2 minutes, and the black caps keep falling off. One battery just died in mid-air and never worked again. The voltage drops in the first 30 seconds down to 3.4V-3.3V, then I can get another minute or so to 3.1V. I would not recommend. But love the Hummingbird F4!!

    Solidpacks for the price!

    Picked these up with a fresh mob6 off NBD, and received them with godspeed. Charge one up while I do the usual pre-maiden config in BF. Break out the tx and goggles, ready for a backyard maiden. Plug her in, watch the OSD load up and go for that first throttle punch. HORRENDOUS SAG to 3.5v from fresh 4.3 charge. Fly for 6 feet and voltage starts dropping like a stopwatch around .01v a second and I disarm right at 3.0v before the FC has a chance to reset. Pick up the whoop and to my dismay, pack is puffed to double its size burning to the touch. I proceed to check the rest of the batch, all charge well, and discharge perfect, as GNB's reputation has led me to believe I would experience. Just the one extremely out of spec dud cell that would have never have made it past any sort of meaningful QC. It has still not gone down in size, but will still charge up, and will discharge about half its expected capacity (less than a quarter than its rated.). For what its worth,every single "Nanotech 45C" whoop battery I ever used back in the brushed days puffed a little, but never as extreme as this, and I will not be taking any risks with this individual cell.