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    The AcroBee Prop Removal tool was designed by Chris AKA DZ. This propeller removal tool was designed to remove most of the whoop-sized propeller easily without damaging the motors or the propellers. Additionally, it can be used to unplug the motors, and gap propellers correctly for maximum performance. Please check back for a video of Chris talking about his design while teaching you how to properly use the tool.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Must have tool

    Works great, a must have for anyone that flies whoops, super easy to pop the little buggers off...and don't forget, use the tool from under the duct not over. And c'mon it costs as much as a cup of coffee!!

    A thing you need to get

    I bought a brush whoop from NBD once, it was great... until a piece of hair is stuck between the prop and the motor. It is crazy difficult to fix, but this thing is the best solution. The propeller comes out right away with no damage taken.

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