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    Update: the NewBeeDrone Tool Kit now comes with an M5 prop tool!

    This is the tool kit you have been waiting for! Never again will you experience being in the field unable to do a repair because you don't have the right tool. Check out the video below see everything in detail.



    Included tools:

    • Premium Tool case
    • Hex driver 1.5mm
    • Hex driver 2.0mm
    • Hex driver 2.5mm
    • Soldering Iron
    • Power Cable
    • Flux Pen
    • Solder
    • Soldering Iron holder with sponge
    • Precision Tweezers
    • Precision wire cutters
    • Precision Phillips Screwdriver
    • M5 Prop tool

    Lost your screwdriver? A replacement can be found here.

    Soldering Iron Specification:
    Power: 65W
    Power interface: 5.5 x 2.5
    Working voltage: DC12-24V, (inner positive and outside negative)
    Work current: >=1.5A
    Temperature range: 220-400
    Size of the control handle: 110 x 16 x 15mm
    Tip size: 115 x 5.5mm
    Weight: 28g
    This solder iron comes with a XT60 Plug power cable, it will require a power source such as battery from 4S to 6S or a AC power wall adapter.

    Need a wall power supply for the solder iron? Click here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Everything ya need

    As a stone cold beginner, I was more than satisfied with this tool kit. Comes with everything you need to do your first repairs, or get your first build in the sky!
    The package was shipped to Canada and arrived fast! Remember to pay your import fees!
    Newbeedrone even sent me a fancy lanyard for my radio which got me pretty hyped! Thanks Newbeedrone :)

    The tool kit that you have to have it in you bag

    The quality of the tools and the pouch itself is really good. Instead of ordering items individually, this is your one time purchase with all necessary gear that you may need it on the field. Worth of investment.

    I love this kit

    1. The price point.
    2. The case is nice. Unlike other toolkits, this one is slim, so it fits in perfectly behind my DJI goggle case.
    3. The soldering iron gets the job done.
    4. The little things, like the caps on the wrenches, and rubberized zipper pulls.

    1. Lack of weight in the soldering stand, and the thin sponge. It's difficult to clean the soldering tip. I've added a thicker sponge and I may add some rubber feet.
    2. Other reviewers' concerns for the wire cutters is valid. This seems to be a problem with bundled quad toolkits in general.

    Lastly, I've made the following additions: Vifly ShortSaver, curved tweezers, small pry-tool / prop tool, thicker sponge, color indicators for the wrenches, and a small nylon brush.

    Great Kit! Broken precision wire cutters

    First off, there is great value in this kit and it comes with everything you might need to get building. The soldering iron blew me away and the hex drivers are wonderful. However, i was using the wire cutters to snip a lipo cable when the tool snapped and shattered in my hand. Wasnt squeezing hard and didnt use it outside of its intended purposes. It really suprised me how easily it broke considering the rest of the items here.


    NewBeeDrone Tool Kit

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