No Light Leak. No Compromise. Max Comfort.

Finally a quality goggle foam to match the quality of the DJI Goggles


Are you tired of the stock DJI goggle foam that leaks light or is just plain uncomfortable? Have you tried other aftermarket DJI goggle foams that don't fit right or make it difficult to breathe from your your nose? We've tried them all too and none of them come close to the quality and comfort of the NewBeeDrone Max Comfort Goggle Foam for DJI Goggles. 

Created from Soft Touch NewBeeDrone Comfort Foam, our goggle foam is perfectly sculpted to fit all face shapes.  Some foams are too thin and make goggles uncomfortable.  Others are too thick and make goggles stick out too far, throwing off the balance and making them feel heavy. The NewBeeDrone Max Comfort Goggles Foam is the perfect compromise at 23mm at its thickest and 14mm at its thinnest. We named them Max Comfort for a reason.

Also included is an optional V Pad to eliminate that last little bit of light leak around the bridge of the nose that plagues some pilots.

Throw out that old, sweaty, ill fitting goggle foam and get the NewBeeDrone Max Comfort Goggle Foam for DJI Goggles.


  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Eliminates light leak with included, optional V Pad for the bridge of the nose.
  • Made out of extra comfortable, Soft Touch NewBeeDrone Comfort Foam.
  • Perfectly sculpted to fit all faces.
  • The perfect thickness for comfort and goggle balance.


  • 23mm at its thickest.
  • 14mm at its thinnest.
  • Color: Black, Olive, Dark Turquoise


  • 1x  NewBeeDrone Max Comfort Goggle Foam for DJI Goggles
  • 1x V Pad
  • 1x Set of V Pad Velcro Squares

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 72 reviews
      Anthony Lockett
      Great product but false Description

      I bought a few different colors of the new DJI goggles V-2 foam, I wear prescription glasses and I CAN wear the glasses very comfortably with the stock of foam that comes with the goggles. But with your Foam I can NOT, none of my glasses will fit. Therefore I have not used them and probably will not. You may want to put in description if a Pilot wears glasses it may not sit

      Jared Dunlap
      Best foam

      This has been a great fit for my goggles. The only bummer from the stock ones is that it put my eyes closer to the lenses of the goggles making it impossoble to wear my glasses at the same time.

      Please make this for the DJI Goggles 2!!!

      If you make a max comfort foam for the DJI Goggles 2 I will immediately give you my money.

      Xplicit fpv
      Best foam for dji googles

      The makr the googles soooo much more comfortable!

      Great fit

      The comfort foam fits a lot better then what comes with the Goggles and a lot less light leakage.