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    If you would like to use DSM, please order a version with no rx and attach a DSM rx of your choice. We do offer the Beeceiver V2 DSM!

    Wire Diagram for Crossfire Nano

    Please note there are two versions of the nano RX and you may need to swap the TX and RX wires if your RX is not showing up in betaflight.

    All the quality of NewBeeDrone whoop BNF whoop sized drone with the ability to run brushless motors! Low-profile, durable and FAST!

    • - 3x built-in LED's (programmable through Betaflight)
    • - VTX control through OSD
    • - 2S capable
    • - F4 STM32F411 Processor
    • - Approx. 23.5g dry weight
    • - 0802 18000kv motors 1mm shaft
    • - Turtle Mode capable
    • - 4 Channel 12A BLHeliS ESC with BB21 MCU
    • - NewBeeDrone anti-reverse JST PH-2.0 Power Lead
    • - Voltage and current sensor
    • - NewBeeDrone OSD Chips (Betaflight compatible)
    • - Diversity rx
    • - VTX configurable on OSD (40 channels,) US version will have some illegal channel locked, support 25mW,100mW, and 5mw.

    We suggest our Nitro Nectar Gold 300mah 1s HV Lipos or a 350mah 1s HV battery for this build. Check out our full selection of 1s batteries!

    Review Video:


    1x BNF NewBeeDrone BeeBrain Brushless FPV Drone


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Mikko Nieminen
    NBD Products: Tinywhoop

    Great product and quality. Flies smooth and binds straight to Radiomaster Tx16s D8.

    Brian Quigley
    Great, expensive fun!!!

    NBD makes the best BNF’s!

    MIchael HUlas
    NBD Outshines them all.

    This was my first NBD product and I’ll be honest, i did encounter a small issue, i had a motor screw missing right out of the box. I realize these are assembled in China so NBD here in the states had nothing to do with that, but it is their product and they not only took care of it, their customer service went over and beyond to make it right. Im absolutely loving the AcroBee BeeBrain, once I got it bound and working with my tx and Betaflight, it flys so smooth, im super happy I chose an NBD product, it was my first, but definitely not my last. Thanks NBD

    GREAT little drone!

    Lots of bullet proof fun with this little guy!

    Valentin Gaburov
    A must have for lots of fun

    Very nice micro-whoop for indoor use, chasing kids in acro-mode while they are trying to run away and hide. Initially had some troubles with binding it to my BetaFPV Lite 2.0 Radio but after watching this video on YT; 'Binding to the Beeceiver V2 D8 D16 and Futaba', it makes it easier to connect and enjoy. Thank you NBD Team for support. Stay safe everyone.

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