NewBeeDrone BeeBrain BLV4 AIO Flight Controller ExpressLRS (ELRS) 2.4G


The BeeBrainBLV4 OSD might not compatible with third party camera. If you are planning to use it for customized build, Please be aware it only support the camera below: 

How to Video:
Internal ELRS Rx Firmware flashing:

NewBeeDrone BeeEye Camera
Runcam Nano4 


  • STM32F411 MCU
  • ESC Firmware: S-H-40 - Bluejay, 0.16, 48kHz.
  • ESC Specifications: 4 channel 12A ESC
  • ESC Connector: JST-1.0 3Pin
  • NBD OSD (Betaflight OSD Compatible)
  • Weight: 6.5 grams (including antennas and battery connector)
  • Size: Outer dimensions 29 x 29 x 7.6 mm
  • Holes: 25.5 x 25.5 mm
  • Battery input: 1S
  • Connector: PH2.0
  • UART2 TX and RX for onboard EXPRESSLRS receiver (SX1280)
  • UART1 TX and RX free
  • VTX Adjustble power: 5mW-25mW-SmartMAX. SmartMAX will automatically adjust the VTX power according to the board temperature. When the board temperature rises, the VTX power will be automatically reduced. When the temperature is low, the maximum output power can be up to 400mW


1. BeeBrain blv4 ELRS3.0 receiver firmware 
2. BeeBrain blv4 ELRS2.0 receiver firmware
3. BeeBrain blv4 ELRS Betaflight 4.4 firmware

All firmware can be found on our Github Page

Note: Binding process. power up the drone 3 times, on the third time you plug in power, the ELRS Receiver will get into binding mode. We are still trying to work on the ELRS firmware and make it able to just click the boot button to get into bind mode. Will get this update in the near future. 
Check out the video below CiottiFPV show you how to get into bind mode. - Thanks bro for showing this. lol 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
William Canady
2 out of 3 are great

I have 3 of these flight controllers and 2 of them are perfect other than slightly glitchy osd but not a huge problem. The 3rd and newest one I received has an issue after updating the receiver on the board to the same firmware as the other 2. After updating the receiver it has locked up and won't update or connect. After emailing newbeedrone about the issue they told me to do exactly what I told them I did already to try and get it working. Looks like I have a useless aio laying around now.

jeff h.
Not bad

Skeptical at first, I have purchased 3 of the blv4 fc and I began to notice they are all still flight worthy with video. I have a stack of 6 dead happy model x12 and f4 2.4

Omar Perez
Solid little beast

5 in1 system is perfect 🤩

Super well built!

The BeeBrain BLV4 ExpressLRS FC is a great board. I love that the receiver is a built-in Serial UART and the ESCs are 12A! I also love the way these boards fly in 75mm Cockroach frames! I think it would be great to pair this board with a digital VTX!


grate fc for your whoop build. range is grate