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    The ISDT FD-100 80W 2-8s 25A Smart Discharger is an essential piece of FPV Gear. We all know keeping our batteries at storage charge prolongs their life. However, discharging extra batteries at the end of the day with our chargers is a complete pain!

    The ISDT Smart discharger changes that - it automatically discharges batteries to storage voltage. With 800W of discharging power, this beast discharges around 5x faster than most chargers! Our favorite way to use this is to use a parallel board (first checking that all batteries are around the same voltage). This way, you'll need to manually change batteries less and save time!

    Bright and colorful LED indicators provide the cell count, discharge amperage, and the discharge progress.

    Check out the ISDT FD-200 200W Smart Discharger with more discharge power and Bluetooth connectivity here.

    Click here to view the ISDT FD-100 80W Smart Discharger manual and directions.


    • Dimension: 57mm x 120mm x 43mm
    • Weight: 295g
    • Max Discharger: 80W
    • Minimum input voltage: 6V
    • Maximum input voltage: 35V
    • Battery cells: 2-8S
    • Auto cut off protection: Support
    • Abnormal voltage alarm: Support
    • Wrong cell setting alarm: Support
    • Beeper sound: 80dB
    • 1 x ISDT FD-100 80W Smart Discharger


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