RUSHFPV RUSH BLADE F722 20x20 Flight Controller For DJI Digital FPV System

RUSH BLADE F722 Digital Mini 20x20 Flight Controller by RUSHFPV for your DJI Digital FPV System. This FC features high-performance STM32 F722 MCU, MPU6000, 16Mb Black Box memory, and barometer.


  • High-performance STM32 F722 MCU with speeds up to 216MHz.
  • Using MPU6000 with integrated accelerometer and gyroscope, stable and reliable.
  • Built-in 16Mb black box memory, Barometer, 5 UART ports, 6 PWM output ports, 2 ADC ports, 1 l2C port.
  • Integrated dual 36V input synchronous rectifier power supply, and built-in power filter, up to 6S lipo battery power supply, 5V 2A /10V 1.5A output provides sufficient power, you can connect more external devices.
  • Modular cable design, with reliable locking structure, can be installed quickly, while retaining full-featured pads on the back, providing more expansion support.
  • Optimized for stack installation, the single-sided component placement method makes the thickness thinner, and the bottom is covered with complete copper to resist ESC Interference.
  • The full-covered lightweight metal shell protects internal electronic components and provides perfect heat dissipation.


  • MCU: STM32 F722 RET6 216MHz
  • GYRO: MPU6000
  • Blackbox: 16Mb SPI Flash
  • Input Voltage: 7-36V (3-6S)
  • BEC Output: 5V/2A 10V/1.5A
  • Ports: 6 x PWM, 5 x UART, 1 x I2C
  • LED: Supports WS2812 LED Strip
  • Mounting Holes: 20x20mm
  • Dimensions: 29mm x 29mm x 6.8mm
  • Weight: 5g (Without Cables)
  • Firmware Target: Rush_Blade_F7_HD


  • 1 x RUSH BLADE F722 30x30 Flight Controller For DJI HD
  • 2 x 60MM LED/RX Cable
  • 1 x 60MM ESC Cable
  • 1 x 110MM NAVI Cable
  • 1 x 110MM Air Unit Cable
  • 5 x 8MM Grommet
  • 5 x 5MM Grommet

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Aadric Allan

super nice for my builds