A perfect charge board to keep all those micro batteries in tip-top shape.
Charge and balance up to 6 batteries at the same time with this XT30/XT60 Parallel Balance Charging Board. Compatible with 2-6s LiPo batteries.

Has slots for five XT-30 batteries charging at 2-6S and one slot for an XT-60 at 3-4S.


  • Material: Acrylic board
  • Dimension: 60*100*20MM
  • Weight: 75g
  • Output Plugs
    • 5 x XT-30 at 2-6S
    • 5 x XT-60 at 3-6S
  • MAX XT-60 Single Port Input Current: 30A (10℃) / 45A (30℃)
  • MAX XT-60 Single Port Output Current: 30A (10℃) / 45A (30℃)
  • MAX XT-30 Single Port Output Current: 30A (10℃) / 45A (30℃)
  • MAX Balance Port Input Current: 10A per wire (10℃) / 15A per wire (30℃)
  • MAX Balance Port Output Current: 10A per wire (10℃) / 15A per wire (30℃)

Note: When balance charging, all voltages (cell counts) must be the same across batteries. Always practice safe charging practices. Never leave batteries charging unattended.


  • 1 x STP S4 XT30/60 Parallel Balance Charging Board (2-6S)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Jason Murphy
    Love it. Works great.

    Just got it and I love being able to charge all my batteries 🔋 at one time.

    Vladyslav Starozhylov
    great parallel

    This parallel charger has both ht30 and ht60, 4s, 6s - multifunctional, like it

    Nice paraboard

    Any problem with my battery cnhl 4S

    Wayne Clark
    Nice addition to charge box.

    Works as it should.

    How long is yours?

    You better have long cables on your batteries to use this one. I can only use certain batteries with this due to the need for such long wires. The first one I ordered had no functionality on the 3rd cell. NBD quickly sent me another, but I will be making extensions in order to actually charge my batts, especially the 2s batts.