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Frustrated with constantly fixing struts and breaking frames, we set out to find something better...and more colorful! 

We worked with a number of manufacturers and after numerous prototypes and revisions, we are proud to introduce the Cockroach Super-Durable Frame for Tiny Whoop style quads.

Traditional Looks and Geometry maintain those flight characteristics you are used to and ensure easy compatibility with the Beebrain as well as most other popular flight controllers.

Lightweight and Durable. We found a more forgiving and resilient material that doesn't sacrifice in weight or stiffness. Struts and other key support components have been redesigned to distribute and dissipate stress from crashes and falls.

Easy and Inexpensive. None of this is any good if its super difficult to use and super expensive. So we made sure we set out to make something affordable. Key tolerances have also been fine tuned to make installation and removal much easier.

Please note: Each color could have slightly different durability due to the material used to produce different colors.


  • Motor size: 6mm (6-14)
  • Frame size: 65mm
  • Prop size: 31mm
  • Weight: 3.44g


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
I gave this 3 stars and it put it as 5.

I put it up for 3 stars and the website shows it at 5. Also an update to my last post it was for the 65mm Brushless Frames. Not the brushed. I broke one of those only after falling out of a tree.

Not as tough as you'd think. Lifetime replacement still under review.

Got these in the mail yesterday. Built the black one up with some 300mah TW 1S batteries, and some little(slow) 17,500kv TW motors. After about 10 packs I armed a heard a buzz, rattle. Went to check the Whoop and found the LF Whoop guard cracked. Pretty disappointed in the durability. However weight and fitment of parts is very nice.

Xian H.
unbelievable robust frame

this frame is surprisingly robust, no joke. :D I crashed at least 50 times so far, and nothing, not a single crack. I think I might stick with these for a long(er) time. NBD could potentially become my go-to brand for Whoop / quad parts. :)

Winson McNab

The Cockroach frame definitely holds the torch when it comes to durability I don't think there's any other out there that can even be compared it actually wouldn't be fair I put mine through hell and it took a very long time to actually break it is always has and always will be my go-to frame when it comes to my brushed tinywhoops even brushless as well

Nice frames, durable

Very nice frames. My only wish is that they would make a 716 version. That is my optimal whoop motor size. But I love these anyways.