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    Introducing the newest brushed motor from Newbeedrone. With windings made from the tail hairs of the elusive unicorn bee, these are some of the fastest brushed motors out in the wild.

    These work best with the cockroach frame if each of the nubs supporting the motors from the bottom are trimmed down 2mm (optional). These are even faster than our Gold Motors. While flight time is decreased, grins per minute are definitely up. If you have been itching for some more speed, give these unicorns a try.



        Unicorn Edition Motors

        • KV: 25,500
        • Speed: 93,000 RPM (@ 3.7V)
        • Current Load: 1.0A (@ 3.7V, direct drive)
        • Lifetime Rating: 4-5 hours
        • No Load Current: 200 mA 
        • Start Torque: 22
        • Stall Current: 4500 mA
        • Terminal Resistance: 0.7 Ohms
        • Operating Voltage: 0.5 - 4.35 V


          • Can Diameter: 6mm
          • Can Length: 17mm
          • Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm
          • Shaft Length: 5mm
          • Weight: 2g 
          • Wire Length: 30mm
          • Plug: Micro-JST-1.25

          Package Includes:

          • 4 NBD Unicorn motors (2 CW, 2 CCW)

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 25 reviews
          Robert Robinson

          I ordered 2 sets of these since they were on sale even tho I was still skeptical that they were the fastest brushed motors they had to offer since I had mainly flown the gold motors but holy crap let me tell you.. If u want crazy speed with tight turns get these unicorns and run 3/4 blade props and watch the smile never leave ur face

          Shawn Murphy
          Great Brushed Motors

          I own all versions of NBD brushed motors and have each one in their cockroach frames and these motors are fast. Does make it more challenging to fly in the house but man they fly! I picked them up on sale and it was well worth the cost. NBD has never done me wrong.

          Kenneth Boyd
          Great Motors For An Even Better Price

          Thrust at the bottom end of the battery is where I struggled with 19500 kV, and the unicorn motors certainly feel much better. At these prices, I'm not worried about how long they last.

          Aaron Solomon
          Awesome motors and service

          I made a big order of brushed motors of each type and they shipped everything but the unicorn motors. They had those out to me immediately after I notified them and sent me a free bee frame for my troubles. The unicorn motors are absolutely unbelievable fast, btw. Definitely worth the wait.

          Carlos Roberto do Nascimento Costa
          Props are to fragile

          I bought a feel sets of 31mm and 0.8mm propellers to use along with the unicorn motords I also bought. But unfortunately they break very fast, just by triggering the drone they already break in the shaft hole when the motor starts. Maybe it's the 25000kv engine's fault, but I bought the propellers from the same motor manufacturer itself and hoped they would last longer. I'm disappointed