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    Team Blacksheep continues to shrink everything in sight. As builds become smaller and the innovation surrounding brushed and brushless micro quads accelerate, the need for high-quality micro VTxs increases. TBS has built the smallest VTx possible, focusing purely on size and weighing only 1.4g!

    Sporting the usual Unify Pro pedigree, a newly-revised u.FL connector and the industry-standard Smart Audio support, you'll have amazing video quality never before seen on a micro quad or whoop. You will be blown away by the performance in terms of range, signal clarity, and signal spacing on this VTx.

    Note: Unlike the Unify Race, the Nano requires an input of 4.5-5v. You cannot power directly from a battery. To prevent frying your equipment, only power through a 5v out.


    • Input Voltage: 4.5V - 5V
    • Power levels: 25mW / 50mW
    • Interface: SmartAudio and capacitive button (or solder external tactile button separately - included!)
    • Weight: 1.4g! (incl. antenna)
    • Size: 13.2mm x 14.6mm
    • Antenna connector: u.FL (upgraded)
    • Antenna length: 45.6mm (end to end)
    • TBS Tech: Smart Audio, Clean Switch


    • 1x Unify Pro nano 5G8 VTX
    • 1x button switch
    • 1x¬†TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 Linear Antenna
    • 6x 30awg silicon connection wires (2 black, 2 red, 1 white, 1 yellow)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Too small and fragile

    Connection points are entirely too small. Was only able to get it to work once after i soldered it onto the 20x20 vtx mount board. Then it broke off when I pulled it off double sided sticky tape. Metal tabs pulled off the board. No way to fix it now. Better off buying the other one with the bigger solder points.

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