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The second generation of the Beeceiver RX is here! This FrSky compatible receiver is even smaller than its predecessor to be compatible with even more tiny builds when space is so tight. Even though this unit is our smallest yet, the input voltage range is large! And if you need inverted or un-inverted SBus signal, this unit has you covered! With the User Instruction Manual, setup and use is a breeze! Check out the rest of our NewBeeDrone receivers.

New Features:

  • Diversity
  • Multi Protocol (Frsky D16 & D8. Futaba s-fhss.)
  • Inverted & un-inverted S-Bus signal switchable


    • Dimension: 16*11*5.4mm (L*W*H)
    • Weight: 0.91g
    • Operating Voltage Range: 3~10V

    Instructions for Use


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 15 reviews
        Adam Marx
        Customer Service

        Always a pleasure ordering from these guys , great inventory and fast shipping

        Tom MYERS
        Frisky receiver

        Work well and binds easily. Had to stake the antenna connections w JBWeld to keep them from coming off

        Edward J
        Worked like a charm

        Easy to install and bind!

        Alexander Cormia
        Great FrSky reciever

        Had no issues soldering it to my GEPRC phantom 2.5 and binding to my radio. Had to go with this one as the XM plus in the stock phantom was too high of a firmware version for my betafpv radio.

        Great range and diversity antennas are a plus! Easy to switch between D16, D8 and SFHSS. 5/5

        Well another dude

        I got the BC version 2 and could not get it to work I seen it back almost a month ago and still have not heard from these guys& still haven't even been refunded for 1v2&1v1 receivers. So I'm waiting on a refund for 2 v2 receivers & 1 v1 receivers