HQProp T3x3x3 Durable 3 Blade 3 Inch Propellers

A set of 2 HQ propellers, 3 blade style. A good prop for Micro multi-rotors. (multi-rotor applications would need both CW and CCW). For Micro Motors 11xx Size.

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  • 2x T3x3x3 CW propellers
  • 2x T3x3x3 CCW propellers

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    The best 3” freestyle prop

    Hands down my favorite

    Dan Sullinger
    These work great on both my Geprc 3 inch whopps

    I use these on my Cinequeen and Cinelog 30 HD, makes them very smooth cinematic flyers. Love all the colors they come in, I prefer the Red and Green.

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    Tried and True

    Even though these are super old props they are still my goto props for 3" T mount motors. It has good efficiency, excellent grip, and its durable. The props can get pretty banged up and it would like work fine.

    Roberto Camacho
    HQ Props

    Love them!!!! Love the color they work great on my BQE 2" Pickpocket with 1103 10000 kV on 2S they slide in the air

    Eddie Demovic
    Solid props.

    My goto prop for micros. Durable and plenty of punch.