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    This ESC is part of the NewBeeDrone Infinity200 Stack that is plug-and-play with the DJI Digital FPV System!

    Check out the DJI Fly More Combo + Infinity200 Stack Bundle Deal!

    Soldering Guide:

    Infinity200 ESC Spec:

    • LiPo Power input: 3S-6S
    • ESC Programming: BLHeli32
    • Cont.Current: 45Ax4
    • Burst Current: 55Ax4
    • Weight / Size: 13.0g / 39x29.5x8mm
    • Mounting holes: 20x20mm
    • Signal plug JST1.0 8pin plug with NBD Infinity200FC
    • Solder pad ready for signal and power
    • Heatsink design
    • 8 Layer PCB with 2Oz Copper
    • BLHeli32 Programable Sided RGB LED x4
    • Smoov performance design by Team NBD


    • 1x Infinity200 4 in 1 ESC BLHeli32
    • 4x Grommets short 4x Grommets Long
    • 5x Steel Screw 25mm
    • 13x Nylon Lock nut
    • 1x Infinity20 FC to Infinity20 ESC cable 30mm
    • 1x Infinity20 FC to Infinity20 ESC cable 50mm
    • 1x Infinity20 FC to Infinity20 ESC cable 85mm
    • 470uf 35v Electrolytic capacitor

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    DOA with finger pointing

    I ordered 2 of these for an X8 build. Wired it all up everything else was working perfectly. Except for M3 and M4 on both ESCs. I double checked wirring which was correct. Tried to reflash the ESCs in BlHeli. No dice so I reached out. I was told I have 30 days to report an issue, which now makes me reluctant to drop any money on backup components with Newbee drone. But then they also helped trouble shoot and asked for photos. Nothing worked and when they got the photos I was told some areas where there was no conformal coating and where no clean flux was on the board was heat damage. Becareful if you buy these and they are Dead On Arrival you have 30 days from when you ordered them and most likely you will waste time trying to get the issue resolved only to be blamed for damaging the component. I would have been willing to even send them in for them to actually test them and determine it was actually heat damage. What is more upsetting is the conformal coating and no clean flux is on one esc and also on the opposite side of the esc from the issue. I had enough and have decided to go with ESCs I have used multiple times with no issues instead of going thru this again. I hear they are great when they work but when they dont you might as well throw your money out the window.

    Levi Johnson
    Works great

    I slapped one dem esc's in a kwad back 8 months ago, I've raced her super hard ever since and she still a SENDR!!! Prolly 150-200 packs so far and I'm super happy with it. Led's are dooooope too.

    works awesome!!

    easy plug in play and works well!

    Daniel Navarro
    The ESC of choice across all my builds.

    Of all the brands & types of ESCs I've used over the past few years, this has become my favorite. Over time, I've installed this esc in all my builds. I don't have to worry about it performing when I need it to or enduring the toughest of crashes. It's extremely reliable & durable, with robust power for an ESC with such a small footprint inside my builds.