Why Use a 45 Degree SMA Connector?

This SMA 45 Degree Connector is useful for pointing antennas on both your quad and goggles upwards.

Omnidirectional antennas actually have a dead zone in the vertical axis, so it is best to keep them vertically oriented during flight and on your goggles. Using a 45 degree connector is perfect, since most quads fly forwards at an angle of 30-45 degrees.

Directional antennas on goggles work best when they are pointed straight forwards and by using a 45 degree connector, you can adjust the upwards angle of your directional antenna by rotating the connector. This way, you can add between 0 and 45 degrees of up tilt on your goggle antenna.

Increased Lifespan of your Goggles and Vtx Connector

SMA and RPSMA  connectors have a limited lifespan and using an additional connector between your antenna and goggles or Vtx increase their lifespan.

SMA Female to SMA Male

This connector is for connecting SMA to SMA. This is compatible with the ImmersionRC Rapidfire, TBS Fusion, and most other analog goggle modules.


  • 1x 45 Degree Connector

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Patrick McMillan
Fast shipping and exactly what i need

Newbee drone is super fast to ship and the sma connector I ordered is high quality nive secure fit

Aadric Allan

nice to have more then one

works as advertised.

used to mount a patch or omni antenna on my TBS Fusion / BDI Digidaptor / DJI Goggles v2

Saverio Avella
Perfect Adapter to Re-Angle Your Antenna

A nice yo have adapter to re-angle your FPV Antenna on either your goggles or your quad.

I use it on my FatShark and it works great for positioning my patch antenna just the way I want it.

Before you buy it insure that you have the correct connector type.