Following recent crises leading up to rapid inflation and increase in the price of raw materials, and thus the price of goods manufactured - most notably that of gasoline, which managed to rise to never-before-seen levels within a matter of days - NewBeeDrone has decided to reposition itself as a company that sells information, or news. Accordingly, it is permanently changing its name to NewsBeeDrone. This was obviously a huge decision for NBD, as it was way off the original course the company had chosen to take; executives were reportedly at wit's end, racking their brains trying to figure out how best to handle the situation presented to them. C-suite was confident this was the only way they could reasonably keep the business afloat while still generating enough to cover expenses and maintain a profit.

Although other media companies will surely surface as competition once we set the ball rolling, NewsBeeDrone plans to differentiate its offering by combining news with news on top of other news. It will be a news sensation, a news party if you will. Will we be the next William Randolph Hearst?


Updated 11:30 PM ET, Thu March 31, 2022