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    Brand Name: 3BHOBBY
    No. of Cells (Lipo): 6S/4S
    Stator Diameter: 22mm
    Stator Height: 7mm
    Weight(g): 29g(Excluding Cable)
    Wire Size: 20AWG 150mm
    Recommended ESC: 50-60A
    Frame Size: 200-250mm

    1. Initial single-winding motor presented by 3BHOBBY. Special designed and positioned as a freestyle motor.
    2. Unique design for the stator / magnet filed makes it smoother for any freestyle actions. Less explosive thrust compare to racing spec, easier to manipulate.
    3. Quality larger dimension wire, its granted with better current taken ability. Less heating yet more efficiency.
    4. With the faster throttle response speed and excellent fluency, this will never fail on your fantastic freestyle footages.
    5. TOP Material: Imported Japanese NSK Bearing, Japanese Kawasaki 0.2mm StatorN52H NdFeB MagnetUS standard GR5 Titanium Hollow Shaft.

    Package Include:
    1 X 2207F Motor
    2 X M5 7075 Aluminum nut
    5 X M3*8 Round head hex socket screws

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