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    If you need some replacement antennas for your receiver that came with your bee brain brushless, here they are.

    This is the standard replacement antenna for our v2 BeeCeiver.

    Total length: 57mm

    Package includes: 2x replacement antennas.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    James Jordan
    It's a tiny antenna

    What can I say about this antenna. It's a tiny antenna. My quad didn't fall out of the sky on fire when I installed it. And I seemed to get a decent video signal so win win. I would like to say that that antenna was the difference between me being a Tiny whoop race contender or just some schmo with a fancy headset. Wanna look at my headset?

    Dale Hendrix
    Replacement antenna

    Quick fill on order

    Justin Barker
    Beeceiver Replacement Antennas

    Replaced chopped up antennas. No issues.

    Easy swap

    Bent one pretty bad, was kinda dangling there. Swapped them out easily and was back in business.

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