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    BBrotherHobby's motor for the 3" class! Using the same arc magnets found in the larger 2206 motors, these little guys are something to fear. These Arc magnets curve around the stator allowing more push/pull by being closer and having more surface area to connect to within these BrotherHobby Tornado 1407 4100kv 3" Motors.

    Looking for 3" props? We have a bunch here!


    • Model: Tornado T1 1407
    • KV: 3600kV
    • Weight: Approx. 15g
    • Wire AWG: 26AWG
    • Stator Diameter: 14mm
    • Stator Height: 7mm
    • Rotor: 1.5mm N52H (arc magnets)
    • Casing Material: Al 7075
    • Shaft Diameter: 2mm
    • Configuration: 9N12P
    • Motor Diameter: 18.6mm
    • Motor Height: 30.6mm
    • Prop Adapter Shaft Thread: M5
    • Input voltage: 3S-4S (12.6 - 16.8v)
    • Bolt Pattern: M2 (12mm)Testing


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