All NewBeeDrone Cockroach Frames are eligible for unlimited replacements. Find out more information here


Frustrated with constantly fixing struts and breaking frames, we set out to find something better.

We worked with a number of manufacturers and after numerous prototypes and revisions, we are proud to introduce the Cockroach Super-Durable Brushless Frame for Tiny Whoop style quads.

Traditional Looks and Geometry maintain those flight characteristics you are used to and ensure easy compatibility with the Beebrain as well as most other popular flight controllers.

Lightweight and Durable. We found a more forgiving and resilient material that doesn't sacrifice in weight or stiffness. Struts and other key support components have been redesigned to distribute and dissipate stress from crashes and falls. Total weight 3.71g

Easy and Inexpensive. None of this is any good if its super difficult to use and super expensive. So we made sure we set out to make something affordable. Key tolerances have also been fine tuned to make installation and removal much easier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Never hurts to have a spare or 3!

Have 3 of these currently in use. BeeBrain BL v2, BeeBrain BL v3, and a revived Mob6 (cracked the frame in two places, so put the guts into a cockroach). Pretty durable so far banging around the house and sometimes outside... haven't broke one yet, but have a couple spares on hand in case I need to replace or want a new color. Can't beat the price or warranty... but they just want you to buy more beebrains anyways1 (do it!)

T. Franks
Best Warranty EVER!

Back in my days, when I got into whoops, the cockroach was THE frame to have. I had to walk 3 miles in the snow, uphill both ways, to buy these becaus ether internet was still just a dream in Al Gore's head. Nowadays they offer a lifetime replacement warranty and you can just click your mouse and have then shipped to your door.!!

tried and failed to brake it

crashed into many a wall, still going

Jonas Merrell
Light and durable!

This frame is super strong I have only broken two frames, and I have crashed many many times.

jeffrey bennefeld
Not indestructible

Not indestructible by any means but a decent frame even tho it has broke in a few places it still allows the drone to fly !