Diatone Roma F1 Nano Frame

Roma F1 is a 40mm propeller size model with a family-style front face design of the ROMA series, with a magnesium-aluminum alloy head and an integrated bottom plate.

The diagonal wheelbase is 85mm, and it can be equipped with a 20*20mm (M2) three-layer equipment tower. The compact design exudes a small and refined atmosphere from the inside to the outside.

The 40mm props guard (gray*2, blue*2) matched , which improves the safety protection for players who are starting and flying indoors.

ROMA F1 is a compact model with restrictions on the assembly size of electronic devices. For details, please refer to the official complete machine configuration.


  • Wheelbase :85mm
  • Weight :13g
  • Prop Siza :1.6inch
  • FC Mounting:20×20mm(M2)
  • Motor Mounting:9mm(M2)
  • Camera Spacing:14mm
  • Max Stack Height: 20mm
  • Top Plate:2mm
  • Bottom Plate:2.5mm
  • Arm :2.5mm
  • Rated Volitage(Recommendation):3S(300~450mAh)
  • Aluminum alloy:7075
  • carbon fiber: T300 3K
  • Recommended Motor Size: 11 Series motor


  • 1x Carbon Fiber Frame
  • 1x Hardware Set
  • 1x Set of Prop Guards

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Merz
Tight build

I wish it had whoop board mounting because a 20x20 stack just takes up all the space. 20x20 aio is too big to fit, I think. Very little room for components. Also, the hole for the center shaft of the motor in the arm is also a little small. I tried putting some 1303 motors on and the motor gets resistance from the bottom washer/bearing rubbing on the arm. So I had to drop motor size down to 11xx just so the motors can work properly. So, it’s very tight and limited parts fit. Otherwise, it’s a good looking little thing and I like it. Is that it’s built. I definitely don’t want to fix/replace anything. Lol.