HAKRC F4520 V2 Flight Controller

  HAKRC 4520V2 FC

 1. The PCB adopts high-end 6-layer 1oZ thick copper sheet, with strong anti-interference ability。

2. Adopting industrial grade LDO, resistant to high temperature。

3. Equipped with DJI sky end straight socket, easy to install and solder free。

4. Reserve an external LED light strip with a 10V power supply, and customize the remote control channel for light strip switch control。

5. The image transmission power supply can be freely turned on or off by setting a switch channel at the ground station, facilitating ground parameter adjustment。

6. Adopting high-quality Murata capacitors from Japan, with strong filtering performance。

7. Eight motor control signal outputs。

8. RX2 connected to SBUS。

  FC Specifications:

Size: 29 * 29mm (20mm-20mm mounting hole)

Packaging size: 64 * 64 * 35mm

Input voltage: 2S-6S Lipo

Net weight of product: 6g

Packaging weight: 37g

Flight control parameters:


IMU: ICM42688 dual gyroscope

OSD: AT7456E

Barometer: integrated

Black box: 16M

BEC: 5V/2A

BEC: 10V/2A

LED: Supports external adjustable LED

Sensor: built-in current sensor

Firmware version: HAKRCF722V2

Receiver: Frsky/Futaba/Flysky/TBS Crossfire/DSMX: DSM2 receiver

Packing list:

1x F4520V2 flight controller

4x M2 shock absorber

1x 8 cables

1x DJI FPV cable

1x Dajiang O3 aviation crew three in one cable

1x instruction manual

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