Honey Pots appear randomly so make sure you guys check periodically for updates.

Due to the nature of the honey pot there are no refunds and all sales are final. If you do have any issues with the gear received, please reach out to our support team and we will make sure you get all the honey intended!

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Caleb I
May 2021 honey pot

As a birthday gift to myself was well worth the investment. Alot of bang for buck.

Spencer Bell
Awesome Product!

Got the May 2021 Mystery box and it was a great value. Would highly recommend for anybody wanting to build their collection of drone supplies. Definitely will be buying the next mystery box.

Luke Strahm
Perfect bundle

I have one beebrain v2 and then I bought this box so I could dive a little more into the hobby. It was the perfect collection of things and the exact whoop I had been looking at, it'll keep me going for a while

Got the honey

I bought the honeypot, new to drone. It came with a hummingbird brushed which was awesome! And a bunch of parts, antenna, many cockroach frames, all styles of whoop blades, motors. It was a great introduction for $80 I think.


It makes me wonder if the “Whole bunch of Radom goodies” are really that good like the one and only review states. Reason I wonder because at the time I write this it’s OCTOBER 2020 and that review is from December 2016. The world we live in today people can’t write a review fast enough.