The lightest, smallest and most affordable antenna from ORT!

Tired of getting mediocre performance from your default antenna AIO micro camera/VTX? Try their Micro Vee 5.8GHz! Fine-tuned Vee antenna for your micro or light quad build, covering from 5500~6000MHz will work absolutely well on ALL 5.8GHz channels!

Weighing only 0.5~0.6 grams (will get lighter if you don't use the UFL connector, just cut the length as desired and won't affect performance), and is super affordable. It will significantly improve your VTX signal penetration compared to stock linear antennas and won't limit your flying with its light weight.

Perfect for 65mm micro brushed quad or even 3-inch brushless micro quads.

Frequency Range: 5500 ~ 6000 MHz
Gain: 2.2dbic
Polarization: Linear
Color: White, Black (optional)
SWR/S11: < 1:1.5
Gain Pattern: Omnidirectional (360 coverage)
Connector Type: U.FL (3mm)
Cable: Flexible RG178
Length: 55mm (connector to top of antenna)
Weight: ~0.4 Gram

Package Included:
1 x ORT Micro Vee 5.8GHz Linear Antenna