Here is the HummingBird F4 Pro 1S: The second generation of the HummingBird F4 products. Compared to the 1st Generation, we changed the Gyro to Bosch BMI160 which is smaller and more reliable compared to the MPU6000. (It can't use the same firmware target as the 1st Generation HummingBird F4 1S.) We also changed the camera plug to have a JST 4 pin (OSD Signal, BeeSign signal, 5V, GND) so now you can either use BeeSign Control or BeeSign OSD (more explanation of the BeeSign is down below.) Also, we upgraded the propeller to the newest Azi Quad Blade 31mm Super balance Prop. Last but not least, we also optimized the layout and increase the high current layout trace to handle more power.

Dry Weight 22g

Camera Specs:

  • 25mw VTX, non-switchable power
  • Total weight with Goober canopy: ~4.9 gr. 120 FOV 700 TVL

Wiring Diagram:

This Kit Includes:

FC Specification:

  • STM-F411 MCU for the main controller (Preloaded with BetaFlight)
  • Support 1S battery ONLY
  • Current sensor onboard
  • ESC-12A Per Motor Channel BB21 MCU
  • BlHeliS Support DShot(150 300 600) Multishot
  • Gyro-BMI160
  • Onboard Sideway RGB LED controlled by Betaflight
  • Support BeeSign signal compatible with NBD VTX-Camera System
  • Onboard Diversity SPI CC2500 Receiver(Frsky D8 D16, Futaba S-FHSS)
  • MotorPlug JST1.0
  • NBD OSD(Betaflight OSD Compatible)
  • 5V 1A Power support for external VTX Camera or Receiver.
  • Weight: 3.77g include power cable and PH2.0 Plug
  • Use Uart2 when connecting external RX


BeeSign OSD uses Mark2 MCU to simulate an OSD chip. BeeSign OSD is used to communicate between the flight controller and the onboard VTX OSD (NewBeeDrone Mark 1,2,3 Series Video Transmitter). The BeeSign OSD protocol is a non-stop communication signal whereas the BeeSign Control is passive.

BeeSign Control: Compared to BeeSign OSD, the BeeSign Control is a lighter version that only sends signal during VTX setting changes. Using BeeSign Control, the OSD signal comes directly from the flight controller.

Although BeeSign requires a lot of information of the controller to go through one single wire, BeeSign OSD only needs a BeeSign signal wire, a GND wire, and 5V power to reach the Mark2 VTX board.

Note: Beesign uses UART1 port. Do not use this port for other peripherals.

Factory Firmwares

Latest Firmwares

*Warranty Disclaimer: This product is designed to be bind-and-fly. Any modifications including soldering or flashing firmware will void your warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Marco Mendez

This whoop flies super nice! smooth, fast and strong. I wouldn't say it's that durable though. After a light crash the spi receiver stopped working so I ended up having to add an external receiver. Afterwards, the soldering pad lifted up so now I can't connect any receiver. It was very nice for the time it lasted.

Ray K
It rips

I have no complaints. Another quality bnf from nbd

Timothy Howell

Ordered this whoop for an upcoming race being Held at the National Airforce Museum in Dayton Ohio. I'm probably the worst racer but I get the opportunity to race with some amazing people.

Dominic Lunde
Loving it!

Got this on a friend's suggestion. Loving it! Need to get better batteries tho, need more that 3 min to get better

Best 1s whoop!

This little guy has been my go to for indoor freestyle and practice. Small and nimble i love it.