Durable 5.8G antenna for Digital FPV.

The perfect upgrade part for your DJI Air Unit to avoid buying fragile stock antennas again and again... 

Use RP-SMA LHCP (Left Hand Polarization) for DJI Digital FPV! Default antennas are LHCP and Goggle Antennas are LHCP, both sides need to match! 


Model: Crystal LHCP Short Omni Antennas

Frequency range: 5000-6000MHz 

Gain: 3Dbi


Axial Ratio: 0.7

Weight: 4.2g/pc

Interface:  LHCP RP-SMA

Polarization: LHCP

SWR: ≤1.5 (ON 5.8GHz)

Color: Black bomb design / color bomb design

Package included:

2pcs x Crystal LHCP Short Omni Antennas

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good For Price

I got these to pair with the iFlight Crystal patches on my goggles. My main reason for these and the patches was the low profile so I could easily store them in my bag without removing the antennas. These little omni's work well and keep things nice and tight for easy storage.

They do seem a little fragile although I have yet to break mine. The casing is very thin and do not seem as durable as other alternatives such as my Foxeer stubbies. I am sure there are better options for reception as well but these combined with the patches still perform better than stock antennas for myself and I am happy with that along with the smaller profile.

Benjamin West
not the best antennas but low profile

I switched back to the stock antennas, I think they give slightly better reception. these antennas look cooler and have a lower profile though if thats something you want

Erin Stuart
Exactly price point!!!

I bought these because they were inexpensive. They work great for builds.