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    The new MOTOR XING X1404 is designed for ultralight toothpick builds. Super light 3" builds perform so much better since the arrival of high current whoop/toothpick AIO FC/ESCs, and these motors provide just the punch your micro racer needs.


    • Kv: 3800
    • Input Voltage: 2-4S
    • Configuration: 9N1T2P
    • Max Continuous Current: 13.58A
    • Internal Resistance: 0.145Œ©
    • ldle Current(10)@7V(A): <0.85A
    • Motor Dimensions: 18.2x14.5mm
    • Stator Dimensions: 14x4m
    • Shaft Diameter: 1.2mm
    • Output Shaft Dimensions: 1.5x5.5mm
    • Wire Dimensions: AWG x mm
    • Mounting Pattern: 9mm, 4x M2
    • Weight (w/ wires): 9.3g


      • 1x iFlight Xing 1404 3800Kv Micro Motor - Camo

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