Plagued with the current generic 2.0 plugs on the market, we got tired of being able to plug the connector in backward and possibly ruin your FC, so we made the best one possible.

The Nectar Connector is a custom mold design with thicker plug walls that makes it literally impossible to plug a lipo in backward without breaking the battery side plug first. Never again will you fear if you have plugged in the right way and risk burning your FC. 

The transparent plug design gives a great style and also lets you see the condition of your pins when troubleshooting power issues. If you even look close enough you can see the NBD letters!

Customer Reviews

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Aadric Allan

Nice to have extras and always good to replace them every few hundred flights

gets the job done

it works

In replacement

Pins aren't strong

Thomas Hamilton
Newbeedrone more like my second home

From my first drone order ever newbie drone has been there, I was with a helping hand I love and laugh and even more so great drone products if you haven’t use them yet what are you waiting for his company is second to none when it comes to service and their products are all fire… I’m still waiting for my invite to come tour the warehouse in San Diego more than willing to pay my own airfare just want a little time to hang out with rotor Bob and the crew would absolutely Love for whoever is reading this to go ahead put 10 things in your cart and buy it just to show support for the company

Great replacement!

Stacked up on these as I build many little guys.