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    Please note the Skyzone option will fit their older goggles, not the Sky 03o or newer models.

    Have you experienced any discomfort with your stock foam cushion on your goggles?

    Try the NewBeeDrone MaxComfort Goggle Cushion! Your old stock foam is beat and tired, experience the soft touch of our new foam.

    Foam thickness is: 11mm

    Check out Joshua Bardwell's review video for our straps and goggle foam.



    Please select the correct foam for your specific goggles.

    Fatshark - Dominator foam will fit all Fatshark models EXCLUDING their box goggles and the HDO2 model. Please choose the HDO2 model for that specific set of goggles.

    Please note the Skyzone option will fit their older goggles, not the Sky 03o or newer models.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 55 reviews
    Holy $h!t this is Awesome!!!

    Just got the new cushion for my HD02s and it is incredible
    Super comfortable with no light leakage. This is how Fatshark should have made them in the first place. Great job NewBeeDrone!

    They’re great?!

    Very happy, the fit is very comfortable. Also great thickness, as my eyelashes no longer smudge the glass 🤢

    Really hard foam

    Ordered on the recommendation of Joshua Bardwell. Way too hard. Waste of $10. Now sitting in the give-a-way drawer.

    The best cushion!

    This is the best cushion ever made for the fatsharks. I almost had buyer's remorse when I had tons of light leakage through the nose og the goggles. Now it fits like a dream with zero light leakage.

    Perfect Fit

    Best fitting goggle foam for HDO2. I have tried the Team Black Sheet foam as well and for me the NBD foam fits my face better. The NBD foam is softer and not as thick which forms to the face. Also the nose area has less foam which fits the bridge of my nose.

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