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    We are happy to introduce the new member of the Smoov family!

    NOTE: The V1.1 have several upgrades including an upgraded bell design for durability, upgraded mount which makes it lighter and added motor grips on the top of the bell to help with prop slippage.

    Ring Magnet for FPV drone? Yes! Ring Magnet. We have been putting so much time to figure out how we can make a Smoov-Certified freestyle motor that provides super smooth performance for freestyle and cinematic FPV pilots. Ring magnet is mostly used in camera gimbals. Even though traditional gimbal motor is super smooth but it lacks punch power. Making a ring magnet with high magnetic flux density is really difficult -- But we finally figured it out and found a ring magnet that can hold up to N48SH level!

    Review Video:



    For RPM filter setting on Betaflight please use 14 poles.

    Brand Name: NewBeeDrone
    No.of Cells(Lipo): 6S/4S
    Stator Diameter: 23mm
    Stator Height: 6mm
    Shaft Diameter: 5mm
    Motor Dimension (Dia.*Len): 28.57mm*32.65mm
    Weight(g): 36(include cable)
    Wire Size: 20AWG 150mm
    Suggested Propeller: 5-6
    Recommended ESC: 30-60A
    Frame Size: 200-250mm

    1. Single-winding with 0.15mm lamination stator.
    2. Ring Magnet N52SH NdFeB V1.1
    3. Wire: 20AWG 150mm
    4. Super Smoov performance for freestyle and cinematic purpose
    5. Japanese NSK Bearing
    6. 7075 Aluminum
    7. 1750KV for 6S /2450KV for 4S

    Package Include:
    1 X 2306 Smoov Motor
    2 X M5 7075 Aluminum nut
    5 X M3*8 Round head hex socket screws