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    BrainFPV brings us their latest creation, the Radix Li Flight Controller. The World's first 20x20 Flight Controller with a graphical OSD.

    Check out a detailed review on our new /Learn page!


    • On top of the normal Betaflight OSD, RADIX LI on-screen-display gives you extra features you can't get anywhere else. Proudly show off your pilot and team logo using the BrainFPV logo customizer with just a click of a button. Extra features also include a graphical barometer scale, artificial horizon, gyro spectograph, RC stick display, 3D OSD support and more!
    • RADIX LI can be used with any 4-in-1 ESC on the market. It comes with cables and connectors to easily make your own wiring harness.
    • Smaller! (duh): 20mm hole spacing, 26.5mm x 26.5mm outside dimensions
    • Has 5V Reg! Can be powered directly from a 3S - 6S LiPo battery (500mA BEC built-in)
    • No Baro! You can attach a GPS to it if you want to know how high you are.
    • No Micro SD Slot! Who needs blackbox if you can use the custom BrainFPV OSD spectrograph for tuning?
    • No Analog RSSI Input! Using RSSI or LQ over an RC channel is more common and more accurate anyways.
    • So Ridiculously Cute! It is just cuter. Nothing more to say.


    • Processor: STM32F446RET6, Coretx-M4, 32bit, 180MHz, 128kB RAM, 512kB Flash.
      IMU: Bosch Sensortec BMI160 running at 3.2kHz, connected using SPI.
      OSD: Full-graphic, PAL/NTSC auto detect, adjustable black and white levels. Full Betaflight OSD support with extra graphical features. Support for side-by-side 3D when used with a 3D FPV camera.
      Motor Outputs: 6 outputs with full DSHOT (150/300/600/1200) and OneShot support.
      Receiver Support: PPM, S.Bus (inverter built-in), DSM, HoTT, SRXL, CSRF, FPort ready. 5V or 3.3V supply for receiver. Receiver is powered from USB for easy and safe setup.
      Telemetry Support: FrSKY Smart Port, FrSKY Sensor Hub, HoTT Telemetry, SRXL, CSRF, FPort ready. Built-in inverter for FrSKY telemetry.

      Serial Ports: 4 full serial ports (UARTs). UART3 and UART6 have inverters for S.Bus and SmartPort telemetry. Inverters are automatically enabled/disabled for maximum flexibility.

      RGB LEDs: Dedicated RGB LED output.
      Camera Control: Dedicated output for accessing the camera menu to change camera settings.
      Buzzer Port: Dedicated port for 5V (100mA max) buzzers.
      Analog Inputs: Voltage sensing (VBAT), current input (3.3V max).
      Power: 3S - 6S (7.5V - 26V), 500mA BEC
      Dimensions: 26.5mm x 26.5mm, 20mm hole spacing. 4.1mm holes for anti-vibration grommets for M3 screws.
      Weight: 4g


    • RADIX LI flight controller
    • Silicone anti-vibration grommets 4x
    • BrainFPV 4-in-1 ESC cable kit (cables and connectors to make a cable that works with any 4-in-1 ESC with a JST-SH 7 pin, 8 pin, or 10 pin connector)


    Downloads and setup information can be found here

      Customer Reviews

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      Great product, amazing service!!!

      Great product, amazing service!!!