The Eachine x Skyzone Cobra X goggles offer many awesome features at a great price point.

The vivid 4:3/16:9 switchable display utilizes the SteadyView Diversity Receiver to provide a constant quality image while flying and the built-in DVR makes sure you can record it all! 

The handy scroll wheel allows you to effortlessly navigate the goggles menu so you can spend less time scrolling and more time flying.

Other cool features include the built-in Head Tracker and the ability to power your goggles via USB, 2-6S LiPo, or a single 18650 battery.

These goggles also accommodate those who wear glasses, no more flying blind!



Model: Cobra X
FOV (Diagonal): 50°
Receiver:5.8Ghz 48CH SteadyView Receiver
Language:10 Language
Power Supply: 1 Cell 18650/DC 6.5-25.2V/USB 5V
Power Consumption:12V 0.63A 5V 1.5A
DVR: H264, 60fps,MOV 6Mbps, SD up to 128Gb
Head Tracker:3-axis Accelerometer,3-axis gyroscope

Package Includes

1x Cobra FPV Goggles
1x Receiver Module
1x Head Strap
1x Power Cable
1x Headtracker Cable
2x 5.8GHz 2dD Antennas
1x Video/Audio Cable
1x USB-C Cable
1x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great box goggles!

I had a white V1 set of goggles that a friend sold me as my first set and I had them go out on me recently. I'm still learning and not quite ready to make the investment into HD. I liked my previous set so much I go the V2's and am super happy with them! Based on reviews and other box goggles I've tried these may be the best box goggles out there. A bit pricier than others, but you get what you pay for. Very happy with these.

BTW, I used upgraded Lollipop and stubby antenna's instead of the stock antenna's that come with them.

John Riggs

Skyzone Cobra X V2 Diversity 5.8 GHz FPV Goggles

Aadric Allan
So good

The range and quality is amazing for the price. I’m very Happy. But I’d get rid of the stock antenna asap if I where you

Jef Gray
Great box goggle

Got this for the 720p and mHDMI input to run simulators. It ended up performing well enough to also serve as my GP FPV headset too. The receiver isn't as good as Rapidfire but its close enough to be my go to for all but the noisiest environments. It is surprisingly close though!
Its lighter than I expected. It fits comfortably over glasses. The image looks good. On HDMI, it will display a very crisp 1080p with overscan. Fine details are a bit lost but for simulators its great I don't need to muck with anything to connect and practice with these.
If you are looking for your first headset, you would not go wrong picking these. You'll have to spend a lot more to get better.

Dave Vazquez
Great box goggles!

I had started with the Headplay goggles a while back.I needed to get back into flying and fpv'n.Im disabled now so it's hard to cough up 500 plus for the skyzone 04X,so after doing lots of research on youtube and forums and contacting NewBeeDrone,I decided to buy these box goggles.At first I was worried because my older goggles had a huge 7 inch screen,I used to fly planes and Helis,so the headplays were perfect.I did start to build and fly quads,from micro to 250mm size.I had issues flying in tight spaces,so when I received my Skyzone Cobra X V2,I was super impressed!!!I can fly my micros under chairs and hit some tight spots in the house and outside my house,things I could not do with my older goggles.The picture is great and so is my signal.I never leave reviews right after buying a product but these goggles are awesome!I can just imagine how the Skyzone 04X are,hopefully one day I'll find out.I can care less about dvr but I was impressed with that as well.It even has a Drone finder.It will start beeping and beeps fast when you are in front of the quad.I have not updated the firmware,everything is stock.It would of been nice if they included a thicker strap,that's the only thing I'd change.The strap that comes with these goggles do there job but I'm used to the wider straps.Besides that these goggles are sick!I was hesitant to buy them,if you are as well,don't.They are as good as say on all the reviews.I never thought I'd be so stoked about box goggles.I am glad I bought them.