Tattu R-Line V4 650mAh 4s 95C LiPo Battery

Tattu is known for making reliable and powerful batteries and is a top choice for many racers, freestylers, and professionals.

R-Line is Tattu's flagship series. R-Line batteries are formulated to provide maximum power throughout the discharge cycle of the battery. With other batteries, you'll feel the battery voltage sag after 30 seconds - not with R-Lines!

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  • Incredible discharge capacity over long periods of time.
  • Unique battery formula that results in one of the highest energy densities available.
  • Reliability for use in professional settings.


  • Capacity: 650mAh
  • Configuration: 4S1P - 14.8V - 4 Cells
  • Discharge Rating: 95C
  • Maximum Burst Discharge Rating: 190C
  • Dimensions: 61x31x25 mm 
  • Balance Charge Plug: JST-XHR-4P
  • Discharge Plug: XT30
  • Weight: 82g ± 20g

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Jose A Sibaja
I haven't gotten the items shipped from newbeedrone yet

You guys are asking me to review something I ordered 14 days ago, but it hasn't even left your warehouse according to USPS. Why is my order taking so long?