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    Kyle Varonfakis
    San Diego, CA

    Just a guy who likes to fly and push the limits of what these amazing machines can do! If you aren't crashing, you aren't flying hard enough! Build-Fly-Crash-Repeat.... 


    Levi Dixon
    San Diego, CA

    This sport incites a sense of inventiveness, emotional expression, and competitive nature in me. Having flown in venues like Drone Nationals, LAFPV, RCX, International Drone Expo, I am proud to fly among a community of fellow pilots who strive to push this sport to higher level.


    Jameson Malpezzi
    Las Vegas, NV

    Former Helicopter Mechanic just trying to miniaturize my passion, Repetition is the path to mastery.




    Manny Acera
    San Diego, CA

    My childhood dream of flight has become a reality through FPV and my adventures in drone racing has taken me to race venues from California to New York. I enjoy being involved in the FPV community and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this sport.


    Ori Paamoni
    San Diego, CA

    Being involved in the multirotor industry since the very beginning, its been a wild ride watching the pace at which the technology is advancing. Flying FPV is the ultimate form of freedom, throw racing and competition in the mix and you get the ultimate out of body adrenaline fueled experience. The community, the events, the friendships, the building, the frustration, and the success, I love all of it, FPV is not just a hobby it is MY lifestyle. Don't forget, Mōni is the Tiny Whoop OG!!!

    Spook FPV

    Rafael Paiva
    Sao Paulo, Brasil

    Professional filmmaker, skater and surfer. Always working on the highest voltage ϟ !!! For the past two years dedicating my life to drone racing. Passion defines everything I do !!!



    Spenser Jones
    San Diego, CA

    Aviation Enthusiast, Both Manned and Unmanned. Always pushing the limits to see what is possible with this incredible hobby of ours, and seeking ways to share it with other people!


    Alejandro Ramirez
    Rosarito, Mexico

    Dedicated to fpv and drone racing. Always remembering it's all about fun and good times.


    Danny Cruz
    San Diego, CA
    As a kid I grew up on RC cars and nitro boats. Flying seemed so unattainable. Fast-forward to 2014 and FPV found me in the form of a tricopter and the original Blackout mini quad. I’ve been fortunate to see this hobby’s evolution. My goal is to close the gap between freestyle and race while pushing the engineering aspect of builds.