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    This Drone comes with 1S tune by NewBeeDrone team pilot. If you want to use 2S power, you might need to adjust the PID. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Flew great 2 times

    After the second flight I noticed rssi warnings. I checked the receiver antenna and 1 of them was broken. So I ordered new antennas and waited. Got the antenna in the mail and attempted to change them and the whole soldering pad came right off the receiver. Now I am waiting for the happymodel elrs transmitter module to work with the pprx receiver that I had to install since the acrobee receiver is out of stock. Order extra receiver antenna !


    The AcroBee75 is overpriced in comparison to the many other 75 mm whoops I have flown and built . It came with just an assembled drone with no accessories nor instruction manual. The Beeeye camera is only 600 TVL in resolution and it did not perform well in bright sunlight. Same go for the receiver with very limited range. The Acrobee 75 does fly well and quiet with good VTX range. But for $150, we could get a 75 mm whoop with a (much) better camera and performance.

    Be very careful while binding

    My FRSKY bindnfly shipped with this receiver . This just a note on the binding procedure. To bind you first power up THEN press bind button finally bind with frsky D8. IF you follow the normal procedure of holding down the bind button on powerup it will invert the sbus signal thus locking the receiver out of betaflight. The fix is documented in the receiver documentation simply hold the bind button while powering which will switch the SBUS inversion again. As this is very different than how most receivers bind some documentation in the box would have been nice. Simply including the receiver documentation which notes this would have been enough. The receiver does seem to be rather clever I was able to invert the sbus fixing my problem without loosing the binding. The receiver displays configuration via a LED boot sequence. But one more complication is the BeeBrain BL V1 is full of LEDs and thus trying to decode the boot sequence when its all flashing like a Christmas tree can be difficult.

    TL;DR if you are bound but see no stick movement in betaflight hold down the bind button while powering up.

    Justin Barker
    Best NBD quad!

    Quad can take a beating. flipped? turtle mode out, get back up in the air no problems. Great product.

    Walid Sherif

    NewBeeDrone AcroBee75 BeeBrainBL BNF