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    The BeeBrain Brushless V2 comes pre-tuned from the NBD team for maximum smoov-ness!!

    All the quality of NewBeeDrone whoop BNF whoop sized drone with the ability to run brushless motors! Low-profile, durable and FAST!

    • - 3x built-in LED's (programmable through Betaflight)
    • - VTX control through OSD
    • - 1-2S Battery capable
    • - F4 STM32F411 Processor
    • - Approx. 22g dry weight
    • - Gyro Bosch BMI160
    • - 0802 18000kv motors 1mm shaft
    • - Turtle Mode capable
    • -4 Channel 12A BB21 MCU JESC(firmware Pre-Install)
    • - NewBeeDrone anti-reverse JST PH-2.0 Power Lead
    • - Voltage and current sensor
    • - NewBeeDrone OSD Chips(betaflight compatible)
    • - Build in SPI Diversity Receiver CC2500 (Futaba S-FHSS, Frsky D8, D16 Compatible)
    • -VTX configurable on OSD (40 channels,) US version will have some illegal channel locked, support 25mW, and off

    We suggest our Nitro Nectar Gold 300mah 1s HV Lipos or a 350mah 1s HV battery for this build. Check out our full selection of 1s batteries!

    BeeBrain BL V2 Firmwares

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    First Drone

    This is my first drone. I had to turn the rates down so I can get used to the controls but I love this thing. Plus it’s so soooo cute. NewBeeDrone also included a cool flight pad and I could not bee happier.

    Son, I am disapoint

    I had a previous whoop from NewBeeDrone imported to europe at much cost, trusting I would get a quality product, but this time... the frame is crazy fragile.
    First crash on concrete, not even going fast, and the frame is broken in two places.

    I have to say, that it flies very well, but this frame is way too fragile to be viable.
    When I looked at replacement for the frame, the bad reviews are there...


    NewBeeDrone AcroBee BeeBrainBL Brushless V2 BNF - Frsky

    Absolute Beast

    I'm really surprised at how much hype on Youtube all the other "Whoops" are getting while not so much for this little guy. It's an absolute tank in my humble opinion. Received 2 for Christmas. And as a newbie pilot this thing has crashed so many time into so many things and still kept on flying. A month in Angle. Past 3 weeks in Acro. I've cracked the canopy and frame once. You'll find stress cracks here and there, but nothing that will stop it from flying. I once crashed into a dog bowl full of water! Pulled it out as fast as I could, unplugged the battery, and dunked it into a sack of raw rice. After a day of letting it dry the quad was a little glitchy in that the OSD would disappear or flicker after a crash. But that mofo still took off and still flew just fine. Left it alone for a week while flying my second one. No more glitching. Maybe on a hard crash the video feed will flicker, but man talk about bang for your buck. Camera, to me is really nice. It's not HD, duh. But......compared to some of the other reviews of other Whoops, I'll take this one all day long. I've taken this thing high up beyond the tree tops and at a surprisingly pretty good distance. As long as the winds aren't too strong the thing handles it. Agile enough to do SPLIT S's! Matched up with my Orqa DVR - couldn't be happier. Perfect little trainer. So much so I bought 5 MORE!

    Frsky d16

    Figuring out how to bind the built in spi receiver to my frsky d16 transmitter was a pain. But all I had to do was change receiver type to spi:Frsky_X, put my transmitter in bind and in CLI type bind_rx then type save.

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