Introducing the Tadpole HD!  Ever since we released the beloved Tadpole, pilots have tried fitting HD components in it with more or less success.

We've had so many requests for a HD version of this frame from people who fly digital, but it was not as easy as just changing a few things. In fact, none of the tadpole parts are cross compatible with the new Tadpole HD.

The Tadpole HD's lipo top plate sits higher a bit. This allows for more room to fit the HD gear, thus solving the main issues when trying to build an original Tadpole using digital components.  The top plate is also a tad longer and the main plate no longer requires an adapter plate to fit a whoop style AIO flight controller. 

The Tadpole HD is basically the same as the original Tadpole except it has additional provisions and design implementation allowing to build it using analogue gear and also digital gear. A bit like a Tadpole V2 in a way. 

You can have a look at the original Tadpole product description to see what we were shooting for with this design.

All in all, this a revamped version of the ever popular Armattan Tadpole. 

Tadpole HD Specs

Frame Weight  26 grams
Motor to Motor  137mm
Frame Shape  Compressed X
Main Plate Thickness  2.5mm

Frame Hardware

Motor Mount Pattern  9mm
FC Stack Mount  Dual stack M2 16x16
 Dual stack M3 20x20 
 Whoop board mounting (front)
FPV Camera Mount  Micro (19mm)
FPV Antenna Mounts  3mm for Caddx Vista antenna
 1.8mm for most standard antennas
Max Stack Height  18mm
Warrantied Parts  Bumper to bumper

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aadric Allan
long lasting

love the metal front plates

Mark Steward
Armattan always delivers

I own 4 Armattan frames and love the flight characteristics and the fact that they have a lifetime warranty on the frame is amazing I would always recommend an Armattan frame !!