Axis Flying AirForce PRO-X8 2.5" Cinematic FPV Drone

Axis Flying AirForce Pro-X8 2.5" is a perfect mini size cinematic FPV drone for you to shooting video with confidence. X8 configuration gives you redundancy for motor failing. As test result, if you fail one motor on each arm, the drone can still stay in the air. 




Drone size: 178x154x52mm
Wheelbase size: 125mm
Motors: AxisFlying AF144-4510KV
Flight Controller: Mateksys F722-mini SE
Camera: HD Version(Caddx Vista Nebula )/
Weight: 280g HD Version with GoPro Moutn/
Recommended Battery: 4S 860mah-100mah 
Propeller: Gemfan D63-3

Package Include: 

1x Axis Flying AirForce PRO-X8 2.5" Cinematic FPV Drone

Accessories and Spare Parts:

Axis Flying AirForce Pro X8 GoPro 9 TPU Mount
Axis Flying AirForce Pro X8 GoPro 5/6/7 TPU Mount
Axis Flying AirForce PRO X8-2.5″-Guards
Axis Flying AirForce PRO X8-2.5″- Frame Kit


Click downloadF722-miniSE_Manual     
AirForce PRO X8 GoPro Mount     
AirForce PRO X8 camera and antenna mount    
AirForce PRO X8 GoPro base

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
To bind this drone....

Forgot to add. To bind this drone, I had to remove the top plate, apply power from the battery, then press the bind button on the crossfire module, not the button on the flight controller under the camera. Since I got the DJI model, I had to remove the rear antenna assembly to make enough room to connect a usb to the vtx to activate and update. After binding, the drone flies beautifully. Not the smoothest bind and fly since I had to go through those steps, but not really a big deal since I had to remove the top plate anyways to attach the GoPro mount. Besides, if we wanted something a baby could setup, we'd just buy a DJI, right?

So far, an awesome drone.

I want sure that I needed an octocopter, but now that I’ve flown it, I’m glad I picked this one up. Very stable, great handling, and lots of power when needed. It’s so much smaller than I thought it was going to be, which is great! I’m using a 1500 mAh 4s pack, and it’s just awesome. averaging about four minutes of flight on the 1500 mAh packs. I recommend for sure. It’s a great drone!