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    The BeeBrain Clover 5.8GHz 4 leaf polarized antenna is a great alternative that helps reject‚ multipath interference‚ which is a common problem on standard dipole stock antennas. 

    Using an RHCP or LHCP antenna is beneficial for use at races where lots of pilots are up in the air at the same time to help separate video bleed over by being on different polarization channels. Just make sure to use an RHCP/LHCP antenna on your BeeBrain and your Video Goggles at the same time to have the best signal separation as possible. 

    This antenna has a U.FL connector that is plug-n-play with the BeeBrain V2 and BeeBrain Lite making it a simple swap that requires no soldering. 



    • Weight: approx 1.7g
    • Length: 50mm (connector to top of lobe) 
    • Polarization: LHCP or RHCP
    • Connector Type: U.FL (3mm)
    • Frequency: 5.8Ghz
    • CableFlexible RG178

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    I love the range it adds to my brushless bee

    a bit over sided but fixed signal!

    I'm using one of these on a nbd brushed tiny whoop drone, and it is almost the size of the canopy, the drone handles it fine, but it is the size of its canopy
    I had to tie down the ufl connector to the fc with a tiny zip tie so it is secured in place
    VTX Signal got a lot better after upgrading to this antenna

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