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    The Diatone Taycan HD Cinewhoop for the DJI FPV System. This is a beautifully designed and built bind and fly quad! 

    This bind and fly has SW2812 LEDs built into the ducts.

    Available with motors and ESC configured for either 4S or 6S flight. Be sure to pick your power system.



    • Camera: DJI Air Unit
    • Antenna: DJI MMCX                                                 
    • VTX: DJI Air Unit
    • FC: MAMBA F405MINI MK3
    • ESC:
      • (4S) MAMBA F25MK2 /25A ESC Dshot 600   
      • (6S) MAMBA F35 /35A  ESC Dshot 600                                                            
    • Motor:
      • (4S) MAMBA TOK Racing MB1606 3750Kv
      • (6S) MAMBA TOK Racing MB1606 2700Kv
    • Receiver:DJI 
    • SW2812 LED Ducts


    • Wheelbase: 158mm
    • Weight: 175g
    • Paddle size: 3 inch
    • Top plate: 2mm
    • Base plate: 2.5mm
    • Voltage (Recommendation): 4-6S
    • Flight control mounting hole : 20mm (M2) /30.5mm (M3)
    • Motor mounting hole position: 12mm
    • Camera pitch: 19mm, DJI sky end (20mm), compatible with 4K dual camera


      • 1x Diatone BNF MXC Taycan 3" HD LED Cinewhoop w/ DJI Air Unit


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      It’s definitely a CineWhoop

      Great drone. It flies great and is well built. It is a drone built for a purpose, to get good, stable, cinematic shots and it does that very well. However it’s not a freestyle quad and the weight is obvious when doing loops or flips. The quad is extremely durable and solid and the LED’s are easily programmed in beta flight and can be configured to be turned off or on very easily. Not just a novelty feature but useful when awareness is wanted. All in all a good buy and I’m happy with the purchase.

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