The NewBeeDrone Infinity305 Stack was designed to work seamlessly with DJI Digital FPV System. The DJI Air Unit only supports up to 4S battery. However, NewBeeDrone Infinity305 Stack will provide stable power (16W Output) to the DJI Air Unit (8W Total Consumption) to make it support up to 6S batteries. This combo includes the DJI Air Unit and NewBeeDrone Infinity 305 Stack -- with plug-and-play design to save time for a safe and clean build.

Note: For current version of Infinity305 FC, please add a 25v 470uf cap if you are building a quad in 4S.

Build Video:

Infinity305 Wire diagram top

Infinity305 Wire diagram bottom


    Caddx Air Unit

    • Input Power 7.4-17.6 V, about 4-9 W
    • Operating Frequency: 5.725-5.850 GHz
    • Transmitter Power (EIRP) FCC/SRRC: <30 dBm;
    • CE: <14 dBm
    • Min. Latency (end-to-end) Low Latency Mode (720p/120fps): <28 ms
    • High Quality Mode (720p/60fps): <40 ms
    • Max. Transmission Distance FCC/SRRC: <4 km; CE: <0.7 km
    • Video Format MP4 (Video format: H.264; Audio format: ACC-LC)
    • I/O Interface USB-C, MMCX, 3-in-1 port, microSD card slot
    • Supported Flight Control System F3, F4, F7
    • Operating Temperature Range 32to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
    • Weight: Air Unit (Camera included): 45.8 g
    • Air Unit Dimensions: 44x37.8x14.4mm
    • Camera Dimensions: 27.4x21.1x20.1mm
    • Coaxial Cable Length: 100mm

    NewBeeDrone Infinity Flight Controller

    • MPU6000 Gyro
    • STM32F405 CPUE @ 168mhz, can be overclocked
    • 3-6S direct battery input
    • 5V 2A,
    • 9V 2A 18W Design for DJI FPV Air Unit
    • 5V Camera Power
    • betaflight OSD
    • Flat bottom PCB for SUPER CLEAN builds
    • Weight / Size: 8.36g/36x39 PCB with 30.5x30.5 mounting holes
    • UART2 (FREE)
    • UART4 (Free)
    • UART5 (Smart Audio)
    • UART6(Free)
    • Built-in 4 IN 1 ESC socket(including ESC telemetry, External current sensor) JST1.0 8Pin
    • Plug and plug with NBD Infinity30 ESC. Also compatible with most of the ESC on the market.
    • Built-in solder pads for ESC signal output and power
    • Printed layout instructions ON the board - no need for instructions!
    • DJI FPV Air Unit socket (use UART1 and UART6)

    Infinity FC Firmware can be found HERE!

    NewBeeDrone Infinity30 30A 4n1 ESC

    • LiPo Power input: 3S-6S
    • ESC Programming: BLHeliSuite32
    • Cont.Current: 45Ax4
    • Burst Current: 55Ax4
    • Weight / Size: 15.0g / 41x37.5x6mm
    • Mounting holes: 30.5x30.5mm
    • Signal plug JST1.0 8pin plug with NBD Infinity30FC
    • Solder pad ready for signal and power.
    • Heatsink design
    • 10 Layer PCB with 2Oz Copper
    • On board capacitor: 10uf x 48 Total 480uF, No need for external Capacitor
    • BLHeli32 Programable Sided RGB LED x4
    • Smoov performance design by Team NBD

    DJI Air Unit Includes:

    • 1x Camera
    • 1x Air Unit Module
    • 2x Air Unit Antenna (MMCX Elbow)
    • 1x Coaxial Cable
    • 1x Air Unit 3in1 Cable

    NewBeeDrone Infinity 305 Stack Includes:

    • 1x Infinity305 4 in 1 ESC BLHeli32
    • 1x Infinity305 flight controller
    • 8x Grommets short 8x Grommets Long
    • 5x Steel Screw 25mm
    • 13x Nylon Lock nut
    • 470uf 35v¬†Electrolytic capacitor
    • 1x Infinity305 FC to Infinity305 ESC cable 30mm
    • 1x Infinity305 FC to Infinity305 ESC cable 50mm
    • 1x Infinity305 FC to Infinity305 ESC cable 85mm
    • 1x Infinity305 FC to DJI Air module cable 40mm
    • 1x Infinity305 FC to DJI Air module cable 100mm
    • 1x Infinity305 FC to DJI Air module cable 150mm

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