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    DJI FPV Drone Fly-A-Lot-More Kit

    Attention:  When charging, be sure to balance charge. If the cells are not balanced, the drone will not able to take off.

    DJI FPV Drone Fly A Lot More Kit

    Do you want to fly more or fly a lot more? This kit includes 4 more batteries than the fly more kit and an additional goggle battery. Moreover, this kit costs only around $71 per battery instead of $150 per battery compared to the original fly more kit and even includes an extra battery for your goggles.

    Gecoty deconstructed the DJI FPV Drone Battery and made a compatible battery bay with replaceable batteries to extend flight time. 

    Each replaceable Lipo has 44.4 Wh of capacity just like the official battery but has a higher C rating of 25C (yes, that's higher than the original!).


    DJI FPV Battery Operating Instructions

    To power the battery, plug the Lipo XT60 and balance lead into the battery casing.

    To install the Gecoty Battery into the DJI FPV Drone, press the tabs in and push into the drone. The battery will click into place and be secured by the durable tabs. To remove the battery, press the tabs in and pull out.

    The battery bay operates just like the official DJI FPV Battery. To turn the battery on and off do a short-press + long-press.

    When charging, be sure to balance charge. If the cells are not balanced, the drone will not power on. This Fly More kit requires a Lipo balancing charger to use. Maximum charge rate: 2C (4 amps).

    If you don't have a balance charger, check out the ISDT D1 DC250W/AC100W Smart Charger. This charger plugs straight into 120V AC and is easy to set up.


    The DJI FPV Fly A Lot More Kit Includes

    • 6x Replaceable 44.4 Wh DJI FPV Drone Batteries
    • 1x DJI FPV Drone Battery holder
    • 1x Deconstructed DJI FPV Battery for goggle or other use

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