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    Reduce light leak with the first edition of the DJI goggle foam with these 3D printed shims designed Kwboost.


    Tools needed:

    • Razor Blade
    • Double Sided Stick Tape
    • Heat gun (optional)


    1. Remove the foam cushion from the goggles
    2. Position the shim (smooth side down) on the goggles and cut the original Velcro on each end of the shim with a razor blade
    3. Gently remove the Velcro from the the goggles and reattach them to the rough side of the shim (easily removed with a heat gun and doesn't lose stick)
    4. Mount the smooth side of the shim to the goggle with double stick tape (not included)
    5. Reattach foam cushion


    If you order this item in any color other than black, it may allow for some light leak through the filament.

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