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Elemental RC Pyro 230, NewBeeDrone Gold Edition - Frame - ElementalRC - NewBeeDrone FPV Shop - 1

Elemental RC Pyro 230, NewBeeDrone Gold Edition

$ 99.99


Solid. Clean. Fast.

(This is the NewBeeDrone Gold edition, with gold stand offs instead of red)

Imagine landing on wet mud. Well we assume it’s mud. It could be anything really. Now imagine picking that crap out. Yeah we’re not very fond of that. Pyro has a smooth undercarriage, so you could wipe it like a baby’s bottom. No cutouts. Less cleaning.

Not only does Pyro reduce cleaning time, but also building time! It comes preassembled so you should know where everything goes. There are only a handful of pieces, it’s a unibody after all. If you want more pieces, get a puzzle.

Before you ask why the frame is so darn stiff, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Unidirectional Carbon. Imagine a basket weave layered on top of each other. It just makes a floppy carpet. Now imagine a layer of sticks laid one next to each other, and then layered on top of each other, turning 45 degrees for every layer. That’ll support much more weight without deforming. Same principle to the carbon we use. Most people use the floppy carpet method. We like the stiffer method.

This frame is very good at holding itself together. The FPV camera stays in place by our very scientific and complicated method of having two bolts behind the camera. Just kidding, it’s so simple we wondered why no one has thought of this before. Check out the video below on how it works. 

The battery connector just slides right in the hole at the back of the top plate and gets tightened down with a cam. For those of you that haven’t assembled Ikea furniture before, a cam is a little round device that turns rotary motion into linear motion. So put the connector in, turn the cam, and it’s locked in. It’s very simple to use and, unlike Ikea furniture, this battery holding system can be reassembled over and over.

Want to stick a recording camera on the Pyro? Should’t be hard with the H shaped plate on top. It’ll hold a strap in two directions and can hold anything from a Mobius to a full size GoPro. We’re working on mounting a RED Epic but it is currently affecting battery life.

If you want to get the nerdy details, specs are below.


    •    230mm motor to motor True X

    •    5" max propeller size

    •    30mm pod height

    •    FPV Camera Limit Lock

    •    Battery Connector Mount

    •    Neoprene Battery cushion

    •    Weight:

    ◦    107g Stock

    ◦    112g with landing pads and HD camera mount


Included Hardware:

    •    (1) 3mm Quasi-Isotropic Unidirectional Twill Carbon Fiber main plate

    •    (1) 2mm Quasi-Isotropic Twill Carbon Fiber Top Plate

    •    (1) Camera strap top plate - Quasi Iso Uni Twill

    •    (1) 36x36mm PDB

    •    (1) XT60 Pigtail

    •    (1) 6"x1.25" Neoprene tape

    •    (4) Plastic skid pad

    •    (8) 30mm anodized standoffs

    •    (16) M3x10mm Black Oxide Steel Hex Screws

    •    (20) M3x5mm Black Oxide Steel Hex Screws

    •    (8) M3x5mm Male-Female Nylon standoff

    •    (4) M3 Nylon Nut

    •    (2) M3x35mm Black Oxide Steel Hex Scre

    •    (2) M3 Black Nylon Lock Nut


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