EMAX Charger 6-Port 1S LiPo USB PH2.0 - USB Input

This is the OEM charger for the Emax Tinyhawk, Tinyhawk Freestyle, and Nanohawk. 

With a USB input, this charger is convenient for any pilots on the go and is simple to use. We recommend using a 2+ amp wall charger as a power supply.


  • Charges HV (3.8V/4.35V) Batteries
  • 6x PH2.0 Outputs

Note: Do not plug in any 2s battery into this charger. Doing so will permanently damage the charger.

The NewBeeDrone Nectar Injector is a similar 1s Battery charger with Micro USB input and HV/regular voltage switching capabilities.


Customer Reviews

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Colin C
Budget 1s charger

If you have a very tight budget this is a great 1s charger. I own two of these and have never had any problems with either of them. They are very easy to use and have a pretty reasonable charge time.

Excellent 1S Batteries Charger for Beginners

Best 1S LiPo charger for beginners.

Simply, plug the batteries into the charger and the plug the charger into a USB plug or computer and you’re off to the races.

Once the LED LIghts go out the battery is charged and simply unplug the charged one and plug the next one that needs to be charged. Simple as pie!