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    Ethix Mr Steele Launch Edition Stout Motor V4 2306 1750KV

    This is a special edition Limited to 1000pcs. Get them while you can.

    The wait is over!

    I would like to Introduce the Mr. Steele V4 STOUT 2306 (1750KV) 6S FPV freestyle motor.

    I take great pride in my work and am always trying to raise the bar. After two years of seemingly nonstop research & development, I am proud to present this fine piece of Miniquad motor engineering.

    Check out the Special Launch Edition Ethix Mr. Steele Stout V4 2306 1750KV motor.

    Check out the Ethix Mr. Steele Silk V4 2306 2345KV motor.


    • base redesign 16×16(only) mounting holes (structural changes for more durability)
    • Complete bell redesigned (durability and smoothness in mind)
    • Thicker single strand copper winding
    • increased EFFICIENCY & POWER
    • Complete Interchangeable motor pants redesign (thicker & more crash/low temperature resistant, better gap fitment, + more protection coverage for the “tall pants”)
    • better assembly tolerances
    • Overall QC improvements
    • 9mm steel bearings
    • Eco-Friendly packaging
    • Motor weight 31.8g
    • (full-length cables) compared to Stout V3 at 30.5g


    • Low – 1g vs (0.8 v3)
    • Tall – 2g vs (1.8 v3)

    All in all this motor is an absolute gem only increasing the weight by a tad over 1g from the previous model while achieving more power, efficiency, and most importantly durability.


    • V4 and V3 motors are completely cross-compatible.
    • V3 bells – V4 stator
    • V4 bells – V3 stator

    ( everything is interchangeable except pants) The pants are stator-specific and can be interchangeable but with less than desired effect.

    Enjoy & Thank you for your continued support.



    • Stator Size (Diameter): 23mm*6mm
    • Kv: 1750kv
    • Magnets: N52SH Curved
    • Windings: 15turn DLRK
    • Shaft Length (mm): 11.5mm
    • Shaft Diameter (mm): 4mm
    • Shaft material: Steel
    • Bearing : NMB684
    • Weight (With Wires) (g): 32.4g
    • Cells (Lipo): 6S
    • Max Current (A): 45A
    • Max Burst Current (A): 50A
    • Internal Resistance (Rm): 100mΩ
    • Wire Spec (AWG): 20#-135mm
    • Base Mounting Pattern: 16x16mm
    • Base Mounting Thread: M3 Thread
    • Motor Overall Dimensions: φ28.6mm*17.5mm


    • 1 x Motor
    • 1 x Tall Motor Pants
    • 1 x Short Motor Pants
    • 4 x motor screw

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